Caring For Your Desk

Natural Characteristics of Wood: 

Every piece of wood endures different environmental factors during its lifetime and these differences manifest themselves in the grain patterns and colors present in each piece of wood. We find this variety beautiful and if you are here, you likely do too!  

The wood in your desk will also contain its own history which will make your desk entirely yours and unique from every other desk we make. If cared for properly, your desk will last for many years, even generations, and will tell many stories. 

Cleaning and General Care: 

Dust regularly. Use a clean, washable cloth made of soft, lint-free cotton. We recommend damp dusting. Sprinkle several drops of water on your cloth. Your cloth should be just damp enough to capture and hold the dust, it should not wet the wood. Lift, don’t slide, lamps and objects to dust under and around them.

Firm writing directly on the finished surface may cause indentations to the finish. We recommend writing on a notepad when possible.

Lift, don’t slide, objects on your desk. Place lamps and decorative objects on felt pieces to protect the desktop from scratching if slid. 

Control the Environment: 

All wood furniture and flooring will naturally expand and contract with its environment’s changing heat and humidity. To help maximize the beauty and life of your desk we recommend avoiding placing your desk in direct sunlight as well as maintaining a consistent relative humidity. The humidity of your home or office will naturally change with the seasons but we recommend using an air conditioner to help minimize the extreme fluctuations of temperature and humidity. 

Avoid Chemicals: 

Keep solvents such as nail polish remover and cleaning alcohol away from wood desks because they can harm the finish. Products containing ammonia should never be used on your desk as they will harm your finish. We recommend using coasters even though the finish is water and heat resistant.  

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