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How to Order Your Finer Desk


Measure your space and choose the dimensions that will best fit your space!


Design your desktop by choosing your wood type, leg style and accessories.


Order directly through our webstore.


Receive a rendering of your designed desk and adjust or confirm your accessories locations.

  • Ash Round Legs

Wood Types

Wood Stains

Leg Styles

Metal Leg Finishes


This desk is fantastic! It’s exactly what I wanted – minimalist design with great craftsmanship. The wood is beautiful and well finished.

Dan S.

I feel confident that my new huge monitor is safe when I raise and lower the desk. Also, the desk is a tank. I am a big guy and I feel like I could dance on it.

Tim A.

 I got everything just fine, and it was easy to put together! I am loving the desk so far. It’s exactly the size I wanted and I imagined for the space! 

Casper S.

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